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9:30 -1pm with half hour break (Each Session) 6 Sessions This Fabulous Course although intense gives great insight for Training others. This is the updated course for the 'Training for Trainers' Gives great insight to how ensure inclusion of everyone, and allow you to have the tools to become a good trainer. 3rd Parties are always looking for a recognised Training Qualification....this is it. Tools such as understanding of the specific roles and responsibilities related to planning, delivering and reviewing inclusive training sessions. Topics covered include: -maintaining a safe and supportive learning environment, -ways to create an inclusive teaching and learning environment, -assessing learners and providing constructive and developmental feedback. Successful candidates will leave with the knowledge, understanding and skills required to prepare them for teaching in a wide range of contexts, in environments such as independent training, Further Education (FE) Colleges, Local Authorities.

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10, 11, 24, 25 Nov, 8, 9 Dec 2020 ......OR...... 12, 13, 26, 27 Jan & 9, 10 Feb 2021
9:30 -1pm (with Half Hour Break)
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